SmartBoards in the Classroom  
Welcome to the 21st Century classroom
Los Coyotes students using technology to enhance their learning. 
We are very excited to have four Smart Boards  in our classrooms this year.  These are interactive white boards which allow students to connect to multiple forms media directly in their classroom.  Students are able to physically touch the board to add their ideas for the entire class to view . They also allow teachers to create interactive lessons to provide a more enriched curriculum.  This picture depicts a Smart Board which is displaying Thinking Maps, a graphic organizer to help students better organize their thinking and ideas.  
In addition to these Smart Boards, we have some iPads and ITouches available in the classrooms for students to utilize.  Our goal is to get as many of these devices in the hands of our students as possible.  With this technology, students are able to connect to the internet directly from the classroom, providing them with a plethra of resources available online.  Students are also able to create podcasts to broadcast for everyone to learn from.
                                                                                                   clickers Seen above, are our clickers which are used in the classrooms to help teachers instantly assess students learning.  The students use the clickers to physically enter their answers.  These are used both during formal assessment, as well as for informal assessment to allow teachers to quickly determine if adjustments are necessary in the lesson.
Our vision and hope is to one day have Smart Boards and iPads in all classrooms. We believe that technology is an important part of education and we are dedicated to work hard to get this technology into the hands of our students.   We understand how important it is in this day and age for students to have access to the vast amount of information available.  WE are committed to a focus on using technology in the classroom as much as possible. 
For more information about Los Coyote's Technology Plan, click on the link below.