Coats of Arms         ipod shuffle
 Coat of Arms Contest
Monday, November 10th- Tuesday, November 25th
Winners announced Tuesday, December 2nd
Prize: i-Pod Shuffle (2gb) 1-for TK-2nd & 1-for 3rd-5th

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FLG- Focused Learning Groups

An intensive reading intervention designed to meet each student’s needs and improve their reading skills. 

 CGI- Cognitively Guided Instruction

A brain-friendly math approach that increases student’s critical thinking & problem-solving skills using word problems.  

PLC- Professional Learning Community
High levels of learning for every student.


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Common Core Videos for Parents

Animated Video On Common Core Standards
Animated Video On Common Core Standards (Versión en español)

Welcome to Edmondson Elementary School

Edmondson Elementary School

Principal's Message

Edmondson’s staff is excited about learning and trying on Common Core in preparation for these new learning standards that will take effect in the 2014-2015 school year.

We have been learning about new strategies, such as the “close reading” strategy, with the help of our Common Core leadership team. Close reading is a way that we can teach students to analyze the rigorous text that they are reading which helps them gain more knowledge out of the material. This is helpful because it better prepares our students to form opinions based on text evidence, justify their answers and positions, and lastly be more prepared for college! It’s also a chance to practice a strategy that they will need later on, in the career of their choice.  

Mr. Muñiz