Each student will have the opportunity to participate in individual and/or group counseling at their request, the request of the counseling staff, or on the recommendation of the faculty or administration.  All counseling groups will be directed toward assisting the student toward a greater awareness, understanding and acceptance of himself/herself and his/her place in society.  Four counseling groups are provided for students to learn how to resolve problems and set goals in positive ways.  These groups include SPIRITT Boys, SPIRITT Girls, Straight Talk, Straight Talk and Goals For Life sponsored by the National Football League.  

The Career Center staff provides services for students which include work experience and vocational counseling and vocational interest and aptitude testing.  The Career Center is a resource center for career, trade school, college and military service information.

The library is open during class time unless otherwise stated.  There is a good supply of paperbacks, magazines and hardback books for all interests.  Books may be checked out for approximately two weeks, and they may be renewed if necessary.  A pass from the teacher is required to enter the library.