It is expected that all students at Los Alisos Middle School maintain a neat, clean and orderly appearance.  A student’s dress and general appearance should not draw undue attention, nor should appearance detract from or interfere with learning in the classroom or the discipline in the school.  Clothing and accessories should emphasize modesty.  Clothes that glorify drugs, alcohol, profanity, violence, tagging, criminal or immoral conduct, or any gang affiliation are not permitted.                      

To eliminate misunderstandings in the dress code regulations, the following dress standard will be enforced:


1. Clothing/Apparel that causes undue attention or distraction from the educational process:
Examples include:

  1. Tight/Revealing Clothes
  2. See-through Blouses/Shirts
  3. Bare-Midriff Tops
  4. No Bare Backs
  5. Low cut or hip hugger pants/jeans
  6. Exposed Undergarments
  7. Halter Tops/Tank Tops/Spaghetti Straps/Tube Tops (straps must be at least 2” wide)
  8. Holes, Slits or Splits in Clothes (splits cannot be above the knee)
  9. Visible tattoos are not permitted
  10. Hats/Head Coverings (unless medically or religiously required)
  11. Extreme hair color/hair style (Hair should be natural color and not spiked).
  12. Extreme makeup (Makeup should be lightly applied and have a natural appearance).
  13. Necklines should not show cleavage.  The stomach or lower back should not be visible.  Undergarments are not to be visible.  Skin tight clothing and see through garments are not permitted

2. Clothing/Apparel which is considered dangerous or a health hazard.

  1. Studded belts/jewelry or riveted dog collars
  2. Excessively baggy or loose clothes
  3. Unsewn pant hems
  4. Pants worn below the hips
  6. No backless shoes or open toed shoes are allowed.
  7. No high heels over 1”
  8. No sleepwear including pajamas, pajama style pants or slippers
  9. No body piercing except for earrings
  10. No safety pins
  11. No excessive jewelry that will cause a disruption

3. Clothing/Apparel that is associated with gangs or illegal activities

  1. Chains (including wallet chains)
  2. Web, untied, or dangling belts/initial belt buckles
  3. Hairnets, snow caps, beanies, or other types of headware.  Only school logo hats are permitted outside the classroom.  It must be worn appropriately
  4. Combat boots (steel boots) worn in conjunction with flight jackets
  5. Trenchcoats
  6. Moniker/nicknames on any article of clothing
  7. Shirts/clothing associated with “tagging”
  8. Bandanas
  9. Jewelry with gang symbols
  10. Jewelry that is unsafe is not permitted (e.g. spiked jewelry, heavy rings, large hoop (only the size on the width of a #2 pencil) or extended earrings.  No visible body piercing, except on ears, is permitted.  Excessive ear piercing is not permitted.
  11. Dangerous and/or suggestive jewelry is not permitted.
  12. Inappropriate suggestive wording in clothing
  13. Clothing with professional sports or college sports logo identified by law enforcement as gang related (Norwalk Sheriff department)
  14. Any combination deemed gang related as concluded by law enforcement agencies
  15. No Jerseys

4. Clothing/Apparel containing symbols and/or slogans oriented toward degrading cultures, ethnicity, gender, religion, and ethnic values

5.  Clothing/Apparel containing symbols or slogans glorifying sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence.

As fashion trends change, there may be a need to modify dress standards if any other clothing or item is deemed inappropriate or unsafe by the Norwalk Sheriffs Department or the district.  When this occurs, students and parents will be notified.  Students will be notified through the daily bulletin, discussions with teachers, and principal announcements.  Please call the school at any time for clarification prior to purchase of school

Students who violate the dress standards will be subject to disciplinary consequences.  Students will either be asked to wear their PE clothes or other school-issued garments or parents will be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes. Continued violations could result in further disciplinary action, including administrative detention and/or suspension.

Parents support is critical.  Garments that are confiscated will be labeled with the student’s name.  The student must have his/her ID in order to claim the confiscated item(s)  every Friday after 3:15p.m.  Confiscated items will be kept in a designated safe place.  Any unclaimed item(s) will be donated to charity at the end of the year.  The school is not responsible for unclaimed items.  We will do our best to ensure that all items are returned to the students.

If the child repeatedly violates the dress code, the clothing may be retained until the end of the school year at which time the parent/guardian will receive the confiscated item(s).