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Dairy Council Mobile Classroom comes to Johnston Elementary

johnston students with cows mobile dairy council  
The Mobile Dairy Classroom has visited many of our schools in the last few months.  The outdoor assembly brings a cow to the school and students learn about the anatomy of a cow, what a dairy cow eats and drinks and how milk get from the cow to the milk containers in their homes.  This assembly integrates Language Arts, Math, and Science, while teaching about agriculture’s contribution to our food supply and providing the students with knowledge of healthy food and activity choices.  On this visit to Johnston Elementary, Blossom ,  a four year old cow was introduced to the students, along with Milk Dud, a two month old bull calf.  The students were mesmerized by the presentation and were excited at the end of the assembly to go up and get to pet MilK Dud.
large group Johnston Principal with Cows